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Error messages upon discovering computers and installing remotely in Aether-based products

Information applies to:

Adaptive Defense 360 on Aether PlatformAdaptive Defense on Aether Platform
Endpoint Protection on Aether PlatformEndpoint Protection Plus on Aether Platform

Next is a description of the possible error messages that may arise upon the automatic discovery of computers or during the remote installation:

  • Wrong credentials. The entered credentials don't have sufficient privileges to perform the installation.
  • Discovery computer not available: The discovery computer that found the unmanaged workstation or server has been deleted and the installation cannot be run.
  • Unable to connect to the computer:

    • The computer is turned off.
    • The firewall is preventing the connection.
    • The computer?s operating system is not supported. In order for a computer to be discovered, UDP port 137 must be open for the system process. For the remote installation, TCP port 445 must be open for the system process. More information, here.
  • Unable to download the agent installer:

    • The downloaded package is corrupt.
    • There is no installation package for the operating system of the workstation/server.
    • There is not enough free space on the computer to download the agent package.
    • The agent package download was very slow and has been canceled.
  • Unable to copy the agent

    • There is not enough free space on the computer to copy the agent package.
  • Unable to install the agent.

    • There is not enough free space on the computer to install the agent.
    • An agent is already installed on the computer. If both agents are the same version, the
      installation will be launched in repair mode.
  • Unable to register the agent.

    • The computer must be restarted before the agent can be uninstalled.
    • Panda Endpoint Protection is installed on the remote computer.

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