Yesterday I came across (thanks Sean-Paul!) the following site, which really attracted my attention:


As you can see, it is an online service which promises to hack any Facebook account just for 100 bucks (!). My first thought about this was "ok, just another scam", but I wanted to see how far they could go with this. The first thing they request you is to register in their site, which I did. The next step to hack an account was to provide them with the ID of the Facebook account you wanted to hack; first I created a temporary Facebook account for this test, and then went back to "hack" it.

Obtaining the ID is something trivial, and with that ID anyone can obtain the Facebook username, but that's something that people is not familiar with, so at the end it gives extra credibility to this "service". Once you enter the ID and click on the "Hack it" button, you are given the owner of the Facebook account (the username) and now you have the option to "Start Facebook hacking!":

As you can see, it says it takes some minutes, and in fact it is true. Once it finishes, you will see this:

I clicked on save, but as you haven't paid yet, you are not allowed to view the passwords:

Below you have the payment screen. Once you send the money via Western Union (haven't you ever asked yourself why most of the cybercriminals are using WU services?), you have to fill in the details. Of course, you have to send the money to Ukraine…

Once you send the information, you are told that it will appear in your balance. Of course it won't, as this is all about taking the money from users. And at the end, as the user wanted to hack an account, he won't call the police.

In the website there is a FAQ place, where they say they've been doing business for more than 4 years, and provide a link to a Webmoney account that is in fact 4 years old. But taking a look at this facebook hacking web site, we found out that it's been registered by someone from Moscow a couple of days ago.