Posted by Cristina Bermudez,  October 16, 2009

This is a relatively common question and the answer is:

canicas3Spam is the massive sending of UNSOLICITED email

Spam is not mail received due to a voluntary subscription to a distribution list (usually in exchange for relevant information), even if you consider it to be annoying, as long as you can easily unsubscribe with just a few clicks.

 Tips to avoid being saturated by large amounts of unwanted mail:

  1. Be wary of messages received from unknown addresses. In general, any message from an unknown address could be spam. If it is unsolicited mail and you don’t know the sender, we advise you to delete it immediately.
  2. Never open or respond to the spam message. If you open and respond to an unsolicited mail, you will be confirming the spammer your address is correct and in use, and you will probably receive more spam.
  3. Only publish your address on trusted websites that guarantee the address will not be published and you will not receive unsolicited information. 
  4. Install an antivirus – anti-spam filter on your PC, NOW! 
  5. Do not take part in email forwards, as they are an important source of email addresses for spammers.
  6. Incredible but true, you still draw your attention to messages like “The true origin of swine flu”, “Poor deformed child could be cured by forwarding this message”; there are numerous messages of this type and they are all false.

If, after following these tips, you still have a spam problem, we remind you we are in the  Tech Support Forum and on

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