Panda Security has created, a website aimed at providing users with the best free protection

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, is providing users with free security tools both for protecting PCs or complementing the solutions that they might already have installed.  Users can go to and download any of the following free tools:

– Panda Cloud Antivirus, the first antivirus to protect from the cloud. Maximum detection capacity with minimum resource consumption.
– Panda ActiveScan, a powerful, free online antivirus that scans and disinfects all types of threats on users’ PCs. Panda ActiveScan works on-demand and is compatible with any other antivirus users might already have installed.
– Panda USBVaccine, a small application that prevents malware infections from USB memory sticks and other external storage devices.
– Panda WOT. A free security plug-in for browsers, which warns users whenever they are about to access a dangerous Web page.
– Panda Anti-Rootkit. A free tool to detect and eliminate malicious rootkits (applications that help hide viruses, worms, Trojans and other threats) on computers. Panda Anti-Rootkit is compatible with any other security solution.
– Panda SafeCD. A utility to clean PCs when they are infected and the victim’s antivirus cannot resolve the problem. For advanced users.
Users can also go to to download free versions of Panda’s traditional security solutions, as well as the company’s command line scanner (Panda CommandLine, for advanced users).