Posted by Leyre Velasco, April 12th, 2010

At Panda Security Support we have always been listening to your needs and Keep an eye on the web trends. Nevertheless, we still felt the urge to continue evolving.

Why? Mainly because we want to get the contents close to you through a much more visual page, easier to browse and user-friendly page. A page whereby, where with only a few clicks, you will find an answer to your queries.

So, let us introduce you to the new Support home page. You will learn more about it through this Virtual Tour.

As you can see, the new page includes the following characteristics:

•    Search engine: the search engine is now more powerful and fully adapted it to the contents of Support.
•    Community: we invite you to be part of the Panda community and be able to formulate questions to our experts through the forum, view geolocalized help videos on YouTube or the new Multimedia page. Or even ask on Twitter, simple be informed or fresh technology news by becoming a Facebook fan or by subscribing to our blog, La Piazza. It is up to the user!
•    Product Knowledge Base: here you will find the basics in order to kick-start your product: Articles on how to download, install and activate and much more.
•    Shortcuts: everything about the customer account including the password reminder, change of email address, details on the online purchase, plus Virus info, etc.

What do you think?

Anyhow, as there are still many changes to come, we will keep you posted! 🙂