WhatsApp – Você recebeu uma menssagem de voz… Have you also received this notification and understood it to mean that you have a voice message in WhatsApp? Yea, well, it’s nothing of the sort!

As we already warned you in May, cybercriminals are continuing to try and attack us via emails in which they urge us to download a supposed voice mail that is waiting for is in WhatsApp.

whatsapp fake

When you click on ‘Visualizar’, the only thing you’ll end up downloading is a malware on your computer which could kidnap your files, paralyze your computer or any other type of unwanted action.

So, now you know… don’t open any email like this. If you get one, send it straight to the trash!

whatsapp for pc

*** Published 07/05/2015

Profits are not the only thing brought by the voice calls in WhatsApp. We are sure that some of you are also worried about this.

According to RedesZone, this new service has reactivated, and made more believable, an old scam. Do you want to know how does it work? We will tell you! If you wonder how it works, keep reading…

  • You receive an email which informs you that you have a pending voice message, supposedly/technically from a friend/ one of your contacts.
  • If we want to listen to it, we just have to click on the “autoplay” button in the email.

whatsapp voice message


If there was any doubt, you are not downloading a voice message, instead you are downloading malware.

That’s why, so you don’t fall for this kind of scams, you should take this into account:

  • WhatsApp doesn’t send notifications for pending messages.
  • If we look closely to the sender’s address: darcy.bambrick@rogers.com, we will see it doesn’t have to do anything with WhatsApp.
  • The application won’t never refer to itself as Whats App.

The best thing you can do is just ignore these emails and install in your computer the best antivirus, which will block the malware in your computer.