Today we came across an interesting piece of news.

Less than two hundred meters from Panda Software's main building, at the hall of a centric train station in Bilbao, a hotspot will be installed, from which timetables and fares can be downloaded via Bluetooth.

This is a pioneer experience in Europe, and will leverage users from brochures and calls to information services in order to obtain and access that data.

However, at the risk of being called fearmongers, we could not prevent a shiver when we read the instructions given in the article: "Activate bluetooth in visible mode, wait a few seconds until you receive an invitation to download the contents, then accept the message".

Being Bluetooth the most typical propagation means for cellphone worms, and provided that user intervention is of utmost importance, we recommend users of this (or any other) Bluetooth hotspot to make sure that they are downloading and accepting the right file.

Better safe than sorry…