Although it is not a buzzword quite yet, the reality is, digital transformation is already impacting our professional and personal lives. Not a day passes without the media telling us what “it” is, why “it” is necessary, while bombarding us with examples of companies that are immersed in “it”.

It’s a fact that our lives are becoming more digital. We buy, we work, we store information, and we even communicate with other people through media and digital platforms. Just as we protect our analogue lives, we must protect our online lives.


Security plays a key role as a facilitator for Digital Transformation. 64% of managers recognize that cybersecurity is one of the pillars of this transformation, and not without reason.

There are two ways we can see this challenge: as a threat or as an opportunity. To approach Digital Transformation as if it is a threat is exaggerated….apocalyptic. We don’t want to downplay these threats… of course they are real, they really are! But fortunately, everyday there are more and better tools to protect businesses and their digital lives.

The cyber-security industry offers a plethora of services and products that are cheap, accessible and effective, and as a result, users are going to be better protected during their Digital Transformation. The cloud has been a great facilitator by implementing this change, protecting all kinds of businesses, regardless of size and sector.

And the same happens with cyber-security in the framework of digital transformation. 43% of executives consider security as the first challenge to address when implementing digital transformation. After all, we cannot really be digital without being protected. Knowing how to take on these changes in a positive way is, without a doubt, a competitive advantage for any organization.

And how do we protect ourselves?

While the technology that positively impacts us grows, so does malware and cyber-threats. These developing threats have a high human component and adapt to the various changes and stoppers that the cyber-security industry has put into action to fight them.

Therefore, in order to fight these threats, human response is absolutely necessary. As humans, we have a great ability: we are adaptable (yes, although we are talking about digital transformation we must remember that we are people). Fortunately there are cyber-security solutions for your business that support last generation technology and are capable of combining adaptability and human component, while allowing you to achieve an extremely high level of security.

Whether we like it or not, digital transformation is creating a new era… changing how we do things, how we live … and we are already fully immersed into it. We have a great opportunity to be more effective, efficient, fast and agile. The technology is there. Let’s take the bull by the horns and learn to protect ourselves like we already do in our analogue life. We will not regret it.