The Christmas countdown has officially begun! Surely you managed to grab a few bargains during the Black Friday sales last month but now it is time for another shopping spree. No matter how far in advance you get the gifts for your friends and family, there is always someone on that list who is difficult to shop for. The good news is that these days we have digital gifts too, so you don’t really need to go out in the cold. Should we mention that you save on Christmas wrapping too. You can send your gift via email.

Check out the top 10 cyber Christmas stocking fillers

1. Gift cards

It may not be the most personal stocking filler but this is a present that will never be returned to the store. The freedom you get with receiving a gift card is spectacular.

2. Donation for a good cause

It’s not a secret that sometimes your loved ones already own everything they really want. It is really hard to buy something classy without spending a huge amount of money. A donation towards a good cause may not be a bad idea – what you are gifting is hope for someone in need.

3. Skype credit

If you have friends and relatives living abroad it may be a good idea for you to buy them the opportunity to always be in touch with the rest of the family. Adding Skype credit to someone’s account is fast and easy. If you are on a tight budget $10 can go a long way with skype credit. It can buy your loved ones hours of conversations with your relatives and/or friends abroad.

4. Social media followers

This is probably number one present for all the attention seeking millennials. No matter how social media involved your loved ones are, they would always be happy to get an additional 10k followers on Instagram. Always make sure you have your protection on when buying social media followers. People operating this sort of service are sometimes in it for more than just your business.

5. GroupOn voucher

Wine tasting and horseback riding are not cyber gifts in particular, but the vouchers that you buy most certainly are as they get generated by e-commerce marketplaces such as GroupOn. Give your loved ones the gift of adventure.

6. Monthly magazine subscription

With so many platforms on the internet pretty much anyone is now able to create content. The fake news, according to some, influenced this year’s elections so we need to make sure that people are getting their information from reliable sources. You won’t break the bank if you get someone a yearly online subscription to a reputable publication.

7. Crypto currency

It may be the perfect way for you to introduce someone to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin etc. If you have a geeky friend, he or she would absolutely love the cryptocurrency gift even though it would be hard to put in a physical stocking.

8. Video game

Buying videogames does not necessarily mean buying a physical copy – digital ones are also available and are often cheaper or come with perks. Getting a game as a present for someone is not a bad idea at all.

9. Concert e-tickets

Follow these instructions – go to the person’s profile on FB, check out the bands he/she likes, get them the dreamed experience with their favourite music idol. Sometimes VIP ‘greet and meet’ is also available.

10. Protection

Last but not least, it is Panda Security’s latest software antivirus – Panda Protection’s subscription or discover Panda’s full security portfolio for more advanced solutions. Our product does not protect only your family but your identity and money. Doing online shopping without protection is equal to driving without car insurance. Save the hassle for your loved ones by giving them the gift of safety and security.