How to stay protected without having to renew your subscription

It seems like only yesterday when you installed your Panda Security antivirus protection, and all of a sudden… Oh no! You realize your antivirus protection is about to expire!

Already? How can it be?

It's time to renew your antivirus protection

Deep inside, you know this is something you have to do if you don’t want to find your computer locked by a nasty virus once again just when you are going to watch Narcos, but, really…

Why should you renew your antivirus subscription?

1. Because hackers have the bad habit of never ceasing to come up with new ways to hijack your identity, files or photos to try and steal your money. So it’s better to keep your computer and software always up to date


2. Because with the Tuneup feature included in Panda Security’s new product lineup, you can say goodbye to seeing your devices slow down over time.

tune up your devices

3. Because the parental controls will help you keep your kids away from inappropriate Internet content.

renew antivirus

Plus, there is a simple way to stay protected without having to remind yourself of the need to renew your antivirus subscription. Isn’t it great? All you have to do is click a button the next time you renew your license.
Make sure you select the auto-renewal option when renewing. This way, whenever your subscription expires, it will be automatically renewed and you will remain protected one more year without having to lift a finger.


Plus…. The more you renew with Panda the better conditions you’ll get, as you’ll get bigger and bigger discounts with each renewal to reward your loyalty.

renew antivirus

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