Have you heard of Telegram? It’s a safe bet you haven’t. Yet this instant messaging application has, in recent weeks, being attempting to oust WhatsApp from the top spot.

One of the main features of this new application is its security. The creators are so sure of this that they have even offered a US$200,000 reward to anyone who can break its system for encrypting messages, which leave no trace servers.


Telegram features

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We’ve tried out the app under Android and also under iOS, and these are our conclusions:

– It is lighter and faster in sending and receiving messages.

– The option of creating secret chats is useful. These ‘self-destruct’ after a certain time, and it is impossible to forward their content.

Telegram does not contain advertising, and the creators have said it will stay like that.

– As you can see, the interface is very similar to WhatsApp, so anyone who changes will barely notice the difference and the process is very quick.

– It can be used on several devices simultaneously, such as on a smartphone and a computer.

– Thanks to its open source API, Telegram can be used with and included in other apps, something that will no doubt encourage its use among users.


There’s only one drawback in our opinion. There are still only a few Telegram users, although changing this is up to us…

What do you think? Will Telegram be the app that finally takes over from WhatsApp? 🙂