Taylor Swift’s Eras tour is a record-breaker. With over $1 billion in ticket sales, it has set the record for the highest grossing concert tour of all time.

Demand for tickets has surpassed all expectations, with concerts selling out in minutes. Frequent technical issues meant that websites often crashed, leaving many Swifties (Taylor Swift fans) heartbroken when they were unable to get tickets. 

With such high demand for tickets it was only a matter of time before scammers tried to take advantage. 

Facebook ads target Swifties

Within hours, hundreds of posts and ads appeared online offering Taylor Swift tickets for sale – usually at massively inflated prices. Anyone aged between 25 and 34 has probably seen adverts on Facebook for tickets to the Eras tour – because criminals are hoping to scam them.

The technique appears to be working too. Lloyds Bank, one of Britain’s largest, reports that at least 600 of their customers have fallen victim. They estimate that more than 3600 Britons may have been conned, spending more than $1.2 billion on non-existent tickets.

So how can you buy Taylor Swift tickets without being scammed?

  1. Ignore Facebook ads

With such high demand for Eras tickets, no reputable seller needs to advertise them. Any ads or Facebook status updates you see offering Taylor Swift tickets for sale are almost certainly a scam.

  1. Buy through official channels

All of the major ticket agencies now offer re-sale services designed to allow buyers and sellers to trade tickets safely and legally. Yes, most of these tickets tend to be severely over-priced by scalpers, but at least you can be sure they exist. The ticket agency also typically offers some insurance to cover you against fraud, ensuring that if you do not receive your tickets, you will not lose your money.

  1. Buy through reputable resellers

Services like StubHub are another place to find ‘real’ tickets. Like the official re-sale channels, tickets tend to be much more expensive. However, reputable platforms also offer insurance to protect you against fraud.

  1. Pay by credit card

Scammers love bank transfers and debit card payments because they are almost impossible to reverse. Once the money is paid, your bank probably won’t be able to get it back, leaving you out-of-pocket. Instead you should pay by credit card because providers often offer payment protection with every purchase. In the even that you are scammed, the credit card company may cover your losses.

  1. Watch the Eras Tour online

Nothing beats going to a real-life concert. But if you really can’t get tickets, the Eras Tour is available to stream online via Disney+. You can watch the whole show in the comfort of your own home, safe from scammers and cybercriminals.

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