We have detected an application whose main function is to turn an executable file into a worm, giving it the capacity to spread itself. Even though it’s aim is to give a Trojan the spread capability of  a worm, it works with any executable file.

As you can see in the image below, Constructor/Wormer is an eye-catching tool and very easy to use. By checking different flags, you can design a worm with different functionalities, such as compress it with UPX, enable MuteX, select icons, etc.

It also has advanced options to select a certain infection date, disable different options of the operating system, such as the Task Manager, the Windows Registry Editor, Folder Options, and different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera. Additionally, the worms can be configured to display a message when they are run or activate themselves when Windows is started.

One curious option is that you can avoid the infection of removable drives, such as PenDrives, indicating the username and the name of the drive.

The tool seems to have been created in Spain. You can switch the language of the tool to English, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan. As you can see, nowadays there are tools that allow any user, no matter their technical knowledge, to create malware very easily.

Thanks to Oscar Anduiza for the information.