Social Media Location

As we have said on numerous occasions, it is important to聽protect our privacyon social networks, and above all, do not give more information than you really want to be found within your publications.

The latest generations of mobile phones include聽GPS聽that are able to geo-locate in a second.聽This, like everything else, has its positive side but also involves disclosing certain information that, in many cases, is not best to share with anyone.

So today we are going to focus on聽geo location.聽Although we told you about how convenient it is聽to turn off your Smartphone鈥檚 camera GPS, today we look at how we can avoid saying where we are through our social profiles.


Geo Location in Facebook

Like always, Facebook is the network that reveals the most information about us. In this case, our friends will know our location by 3 different ways:

‘I am Here’

One way is voluntary and conscious by saying that we are in this city that we鈥檝e wanted to go so badly, or eating that famous pizza in the fashionable restaurant.

Geo Location in Facebook

Geo Location in Facebook

Status Update

Facebook tells all our friends where we are at the time we update our status. In this case, we do not exactly say our location but it shows an approximation. To prevent this from happening, we must close that option when posting.


Geo Location in Facebook


Facebook Messenger

When we send private messages, perhaps we are not aware that we are revealing our location.

Facebook Messenger Location


If you want to disable this option, you have to go to General Settings -> Location Service Messenger.


Facebook Messenger Location


Geo Location in Twitter

In this case, Twitter allows both tweets from computers and phones to tell from where we are tweeting. If someone clicks on our tweet, it shows your location which is extremely accurate, so that you can get to know the street number from where we are tweeting.

In this case, it’s easy to disable our location. The only thing we have to do is not select the button 鈥楲ocation鈥 and Twitter will not share the information.


Twitter Location


Geo Location on Instagram

Like Facebook, Instagram allows us to label the places where we take our photos.

Instagram Location


Like other social networks, it鈥檚 optional to show your location. So if you do not want to publish anything more than the photo, we do not have to click the button. Thus, we can arouse the curiosity of our followers to know where that beautiful beach is 馃槈

As we always say, this is optional and everyone has to decide what to share and what not to share with their friends, acquaintances and followers.

Our advice? Don鈥檛 disclose where we are at all times, as criminals and cybercriminals can use this information against us.