password panda securityExcept for the few of us who choose to visit faraway places at other times of the year, for the majority of us, our vacation time is coming to end. Whether we are refreshed or nostalgic for our summertime getaway, let’s make sure to take into account our IT security while we get back on track.

Memory, Oh Memory

Recent research has proven that the last weeks of summer are an especially sensitive time of the year for some vacation side effects. Many of us are so relaxed we can’t even remember our passwords!

In that case, it’s easy to restore passwords, but we also have to be very careful while doing so. 77% of people who forget their passwords deliberately choose easier ones to replace their former passwords. Of course they do this to avoid another memory lapse, but they must also remember that this makes their password much less effective and lowers their security—in addition to the IT security at their workplace.

Check Out Your Well-Traveled Devices

When a laptop or mobile device leaves their usual space, they can be exposed to a higher number of threats because cybercriminals can connect to these devices (with or without your knowledge) while you’re accessing Wi-Fi networks at hotels, cafeterias and other public spots.

If you have been careful while using these access points it doesn’t mean something will happen. However, during the times of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), all you have to do is review the devices that access the company network (laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc.) at the end of the summer. We hope you don’t have an unpleasant surprise waiting for you.

Recycling and Good Practices

The best time to revise routines or implement better practices is right after vacation time. This is also an ideal time to conduct an employee training, if your business permits it, in order to update workers on the latest threats. With proper training, your workers will be less likely of biting the “phishing” hook that comes after them.

September Novelties

While the weather is cooling down in the month of September, the technology sector is also getting ready for the hottest presentations of the year. Tech giants like Apple and Google always announce their newest updates and innovations. Companies await security developments regarding the new terminals and operating systems and as soon as the new versions are released, they are reviewed and updated. If your devices are obsolete and no longer support the upgrades, this is a great time to renew them.

Keep these tips in mind without forgetting to take precautions that we must bear in mind throughout the year, as is to have a good  cybersecurity solution that allows us to enjoy a  safe surfing on our corporate network.