parental control

The safety of children on the Internet is one of the greatest concerns for adults when their kids use computers.

The content they can access, the Web pages they can see or the people who can contact them is a serious worry for parents.

How can you protect your kids on the Web? No doubt you have heard of ‘parental control’, but do you know how it works? Are you aware of all that you can do with this feature?

What is parental control?

Parental control lets the administrator user of a computer, in this case the parents, deny access to inappropriate content. In addition to this, the new Panda 2015 products also include the option to monitor kids’ Internet activity.

They offer a summary of the pages and categories that the children have visited most, along with a detailed report of all the pages accessed (page, category, date/time).

The technology used in this parental control feature is independent of the Web browser, so simply deleting the history or changing browsers won’t affect the monitoring of kids’ online activity.

Similarly, parental control lets you block pages according to content by using categories or blacklists.

Sounds useful, doesn’t it? Well, you’ll find this feature in the most comprehensive antivirus solutions: Panda Internet Security 2015, Panda Global Protection 2015 and Panda Gold.

Are you concerned about activating it? Here you have the instructions how to install parental control on your computer.