First off many thanks to the hundreds of thousands of users who have downloaded, used and given us feedback on Panda USB Vaccine. Not only is it allowing us to improve this free utility for the community, it also helps protect users a little better from spreading malware infections.

Finally Panda USB Vaccine is out of beta and version is here. Some of the most notable improvements are the following:

  • Support for vaccinating NTFS drives. This uses a completely different technique than the vaccination of FAT/FAT32 drives.
  • Executing USBVaccine.exe launches an installer which allows you to configure whether you want USBVaccine to start automatically with Windows.
  • Configuration option during setup to hide the tray icon.
  • Configuration option during setup to automatically vaccinate any new USB drives inserted into the PC.
  • Fixed bug on PC shutdown when USBVaccine was running in the background (Vista).
  • Other bug fixes reported by users on certain types of USB drives.

Some screenshots of the new Panda USB Vaccine:


As always you can get it directly from

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