Elon Musk destroys all his old smartphones: that’s why

The real-life Tony Stark is supposedly often replacing and even destroying his smartphone for security reasons, a court filing revealed earlier this month. Elon Musk is currently being sued over a demeaning Tweet he sent targeting a British diver, and details in the statement filed as a part of the lawsuit exposed a rather unconventional habit of the billionaire – he does not hold onto a single smartphone but replaces it all the time.

The statement

According to the statement filed by a SpaceX IT employee, Elon Musk regularly changes his cellular device, at which time his old device is imaged, wiped clean, and stored or destroyed due to security concerns. It is currently unknown if Elon also changes the brand of the smart device, or he only sticks to one brand. It is also unknown how often does the billionaire replace his smartphone and how he destroys it.

The lawsuit

Even though the SpaceX CEO apologized to the British diver and deleted the tweet, the lawsuit against the billionaire is still undergoing. The real-life Tony Stark sent an angry tweet followed by an interview in which a British diver, who was part of the rescue of a youth soccer team and its coach from a cave in Thailand. In the interview, the diver said that the solution that Elon Musk is trying to use for the rescue of the children and their teacher would have been ineffective and was aimed to be a publicity stunt. We remind you that the rescuers rejected Elon Musk’s miniature submarine as a way to reach the soccer team and its coach.

In a statement for Business Insider, Alex Spiro, an attorney for Tesla’s CEO, said, “Mr. Musk updates his phone (like lots of other people), and Mr. Musk occasionally has to change his phone for reasons that have to do with security and sensitive information. ” Elon Musk’s net worth is currently valued at more than $20 billion, so destroying a smartphone every once in a while, is certainly not an issue for him. Some might say that he is overreacting, but we’ve all seen that over the last few years, a whole list of A-list celebrities was hacked. Even the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, ended up being a victim of cybercrime as data information stolen from his mobile device ended up revealing that he has had an affair and eventually put an end to his long-lasting marriage.

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