• Facebook users will be able to download a free 6-month version of Panda Internet Security 2013 from the AV Marketplace  (https://www.facebook.com/security/app_360406100715618)
  • Panda Security will share its database of malicious URLs with Facebook, providing the safest Web browsing experience against malware
  • Panda Internet Security 2013 includes Panda Safe Browser and Identity Protect, two modules that ensure the privacy and security of social media accounts and other Internet services

Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has signed a collaboration agreement with Facebook to protect users of the popular social networking site. Facebook users will be able to download a free 6-month version of Panda Internet Security 2013 from the AV Marketplace. Additionally, the security company and the social media site will share their databases of malicious URLs to protect users while surfing the Web.

“Facebook is the most popular social networking site, and we wanted to partner with them to offer an additional layer of protection to users,” said Enrique Aguilera, VP Consumer Sales and Marketing at Panda Security. “Facebook has shown a growing commitment to securing its millions of users, and we are delighted to collaborate with them to make the site a malware-free environment.”

“Starting today, the people who use Facebook will be able to benefit from Panda’s software and technology with their malicious URL data and inclusion in the AV Marketplace. We look forward to better protecting the people who use our service with this partnership” explains Joe Sullivan, Facebook CSO.

Panda Internet Security 2013 is specifically designed to protect users’ identity while using social networking sites and other Internet services. Its Panda Safe Browser module is particularly useful for users who want to preserve their privacy and security. Additionally, it can encrypt and password-protect private files and folders to prevent the theft of personal, banking and financial data or valuable multimedia content. Panda Internet Security 2013 also includes Identity Protect, a module that provides anti-phishing protection, data leak prevention, and anti-dialer protection against unauthorized charged calls. AAlso, it delivers real-time protection against known and unknown threats by harnessing the knowledge and experience of millions of users through Panda’s unique cloud-based Collective Intelligence technology.

Every day, PandaLabs receives nearly 206,000 new files, 73,000 of which are new malware strains that Collective Intelligence automatically analyzes, classifies and remedies in 99.6 percent of cases. These technologies gather information on malware received from each computer to continuously improve protection levels for the worldwide Panda community. The 2013 product line leverages this huge knowledge base, offering users a more rapid response to the newest and most dangerous malware attacks.

Panda Internet Security 2013 includes a more modern, intuitive interface than ever before, and is compatible with Windows 8, Microsoft’s new operating system. For more information about Panda Internet Security 2013, please visit: https://www.pandasecurity.com/ homeusers/solutions/internet-security/