In the early 2000s, Google developed technology that obscures faces and license plates on Google Maps.

While platforms like Google Maps offer valuable services for navigation, they also raise apprehension about the exposure of personal information to a global audience. With detailed imagery of residential areas on Google Maps, your house becomes more vulnerable to burglaries or intrusions as it hinders your location privacy.

To address these privacy concerns and empower users with greater control over their online privacy, Google introduced a valuable feature in 2022: the ability to blur your home on Google Maps. This allows you to take proactive steps to ensure your residence remains safe from prying eyes.

Keep reading to learn how to blur your house on Google Maps in six easy steps.

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Step 1: Open Google Maps on a Web Browser

Open Google Maps on your preferred device. While the blurring feature isn’t available on the Google Maps application, you can access the platform through your preferred web browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Image showing Google Maps open on the browserStep 2: Find Your Home on Street View

Type your address in the search bar and hit the search icon. You’ll see the image of your house in the top left corner. Click on the photo of your house, and you will see the Street View of the location.

Image showing an address search result on Google maps

Step 3: Report a Problem

Next, click on “report a problem” in the bottom right of the screen.

Image of street view on google map

Step 4: Select Your Home

A separate tab will open, and a red box will appear over the image of your home. You can zoom in or out using the plus and minus buttons on the right to choose the area you want to blur. 

Image of a home in a red box on google map "report a problem" page

Step 5: Provide Details of the Issue

Once you’re happy with the selection, Google will ask you to identify what you want to blur. Select “My home” and explain how much area you want blurred in the text box below. Be as thorough as possible in the description so Google knows exactly what you want to blur.

Image of "report a problem" page to blur your house on google map with filled in details

Once you select the area or object you want to blur, Google will blur it forever. Be mindful of your selection, including the total area and objects you want blurred. 

Step 6: Submit

Finally, provide your email address and verify the CAPTCHA if prompted. Your email is required so Google can contact you for additional information, such as specifications about the area you want to blur. 

Image of CAPTCHA verification

Aside from your home, Google also allows you to blur sexually explicit content or hate speech and anything that violates their Street View Imagery Policy.

Why Are Some Houses Blurred Out on Google Maps?

While security is certainly of concern, privacy might also be a good reason for people to remove homes from Google Maps. With Google Maps, random strangers are only a few clicks away from knowing the color of your curtains, the model of the car parked in front of the house and other details about your property. 

A concerned parent may want to keep a child’s privacy intact, or an abusive ex-partner might find it hard to learn more about their ex-partner if a house is blurred on Street View.

Can I Blur My House on Apple Maps?

Apple Maps doesn’t allow you to blur the picture of your home by yourself. You can contact and request a particular address to be blurred. 

Take Your Online Security to the Next Level 

While blurring your home on Google Maps is a proactive step toward enhancing your digital privacy, it’s important to remember that online security extends beyond mapping platforms.

In addition to Google Maps, images of your property may be publicly accessible on real estate brokerages and online property marketplaces like Zillow, Trulia and Redfin. So, if privacy is a real concern, it’s a good idea to take your property photos off these websites as well. 

For added protection against online threats, install antivirus software to ensure comprehensive security for your digital presence.