This month the two first positions have not changed, but Spyware/Virtumonde and Adware/Savenow gain a position each, leaving Adware/Lop in the fifth position.

Adware/VideoActiveXObject goes up from the 7th to 6th position.
It is the most active version of the known fakecodecs.

Adware/NaviPromo goes up from 15th to 14th position.
It is an adware that promotes dialers and uses rootkit techniques in order to go unnoticed. It usually comes with other programs such as MailSkinner, WebMediaplayer or InternetGameBox.

Application/Bestoffer goes down from the 22nd to 33rd position.
It is an application that displays advertising, but it will be gradually losing positions until disappearing from the list because “Best Offers” and “Direct Revenue” have given up offering their services.