This weekend we have seen a lot of activity from a new worm. It is called Nurech.A. In the last 48 hours it got more than 60% of all the messages received in PandaLabs. At some points it was massively spammed.

Here is a graph of the evolution in the last 60 hours. We will keep you updated



Here are some of the subjects it is using to fool users into opening it: 

Tender Whispers With This Ring               
Til the End of Time Heart of Mine            
If I Knew                                    
Touched by Love Most Beautiful Girl Wrapped Up
Evening Romance Doing It for You             
Window of Beauty                             
Together You and I                           
Sending You My Love Magic of Flowers         
Everyone Needs Someone                          
When I'm With You                               
All For You For Better of For Worse To New Spouse
Forever in Love Full Heart                      
Unique Love My Eye on You                       
Our Wedding Day Hey Cutie                       
Against All Odds             

You can find the complete information here.