Just like we saw in 2014, it has been a year full of scams, tricks, and swindles aimed at WhatsApp, the ever popular messaging service.

We don’t doubt for a moment that 2016 will be any different, so we’d like to remind you of how cybercriminals look for their potential victims by taking a look back on the main scams we’ve seen on WhatsApp this year.

Amazon-Gift: a virus in WhatsApp

The Trojan known as Amazon-Gift tell users through a WhatsApp message that both companies have joined and they are offering a gift-card. And if the user wants to obtain the check he must click on a link.

whatsapp virus

The prize is none other than a Trojan that will infect your mobile phone and add it to a network from which other cyber-attacks will be launched.

So, now you know if someone sends you an Amazon-Gift forget it and don’t click on the link!

Voice messages for WhatsApp?

In this case, we were advised by email that we had a voice message waiting for us. The infection was unleashed once we downloaded this supposed message which one of our contacts was said to have left us.

whatsapp voice message

As we warned you in May, cybercriminals try to infect us by via emails in which they invite us to download a WhatsApp voice message.

Discount coupons

Neither McDonald’s nor Ikea are offering coupons for filling out surveys on WhatsApp, yet this method of social engineering was spotted in 2015, with the aim of stealing confidential information from victims.

ikea scam

It all starts with a link sent by one of your contacts. From there, the potential victims have to fill out a survey which is supposedly from the well-known brand. This is how the criminals get the private information and have used other famous names such as Zara, Lidl, and Starbucks to complete their scheme.

WhatsApp Trendy Blue

This is the latest scam that tries to trick users of the instant messaging service. This supposed new version of the app promised new personalization options but, in reality, the user was signing up to a premium rate tariff without realizing it…

whatsapp trendy blue

Don’t fall for these traps! Only trust the versions that are offered via the official store!

Spying on our contacts’ conversations 

This scam was launched in 2014 and reappeared again this year with the aim of taking advantage of the human desire for gossip. Like anyone else, we would all love to read the private messages of someone, whatever the motive!

whatsapp spy

This is why cybercriminals create fraudulent applications like this, claiming that by downloading it you will be able to spy on your contacts’ chats.