Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has spent over a quarter of a billion on a property in Kauai, Hawaii. The tech billionaire splurged nearly 200 million to acquire 1,600+ acres of land on the Hawaiian island, also known as the “Garden Isle. And now he is going through a construction project that many believe will cost over $100 million. 

But what exactly is he building there?

No one knows for sure, but there have been many clues suggesting that he is developing luxurious mansions equipped with everything one of the wealthiest men in the world might need at his disposal. Apart from luxury mansions connected by underground tunnels, Meta’s CEO has also requested treetop houses that will likely be used by guests visiting him on the island. 

However, this is more than just a vacation home. He plans to use as a summer spot to entertain family and friends. When finished, the property will also include many survivalist elements. For example, a self-sustainable spacious underground bunker with a water supply and facilities that can produce energy and food. The project has been going on for a decade. It started in 2014, when Mark purchased the land for the property now known as Koolau Ranch.

Scandals, security and agricultural purposes

The development of the land was surrounded by scandals that occurred while Meta’s CEO was acquiring it using shell companies. These scandals have continued to this day, with multiple cases of onsite workers being fired for violating NDA contracts. The property is in secrecy, and hundreds of surveillance cameras and military-style security surround it. 

While Mark Zuckerberg‘s vision is for people to spend a lot of time in the metaverse, his representatives have pointed out that he wants to preserve his hundreds of acres of nature. In fact, has committed only to build on 1% of the purchased land as the rest would be used for agricultural purposes and wildlife preservation. 

Koolau Ranch 

Building bunkers has been a growing trend among the rich and famous. Even though Mark Zuckerberg isn’t known for living lavishly, purchasing and developing Koolau Ranch is undoubtedly an ambitious project. Even for one of the wealthiest men on earth.

Is he prepping for a global disaster or working on his retirement home? No one knows for sure, but it appears that his humble abode will be able to handle both when completed. 

While most people are likely unable to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on a Hawaiian bunker-style retirement home. Sorting out things, such as installing the latest antivirus software, could be a small but firm step towards not having to deal with losing lifetime savings because of a cyber-attack or having to deal with a decades-long string of problems because of a stolen identity.