Malware Infections


Panda Security has announced the data corresponding to the Second Quarterly Report of 2013 prepared by PandaLabs.

One of the main conclusions of the study stresses the fact that during the second quarter of the year, the creation of malware in the world has reached record numbers. Within this context, Trojan viruses remain the greatest source of infection. On the other hand, the study reflects an exponential increase of malware in Android devices.


Trojans, The Kings of Malware

According to PandaLabs, Trojans continue to be the main tool for cyber criminals to infect users. Up to 77.20% of the samples detected in the second quarter are Trojans. A ratio that increases if we look at all infections: almost eight out of ten users suffering from infections in the world are by Trojan horses.

Another fact worth noting is the number of new malware samples that continue to grow. In fact, in the second quarter of the year, there was a 12% increase in malware than in the same period last year. An increase that reaches 17% if we take the first half of the year into account.

And within this generation of new malware, in addition to Trojans (77.2%), worms (11.28) and viruses (10.29%) occupy the second and third position in the rankings.


China, the World Leader of Infections

The overall ratio of infections worldwide during this second quarter has been a 32.77 %, increasing compared to the first quarter of this year (31.13 %).

At the head of the rankings is China, who account for 52.36% of registered infections in the world. From there, China is closely followed by Turkey (43.59%) and Peru (42.14%).

On the opposite side are European countries, since Europe is still the area in the world with the lowest index of infections. The countries with the lowest index are Sweden (21.03%), Norway (21.14%) and Germany (24.18%). Japan is the only non-European country that appears low on this list, occupying fourth place with 24.1%.

If you want to see the full report, click here.