This month, Application/MyWebSearch joins the list in the first position, with only 36 detections less than Adware/Lop, which goes down to the second position.


1.- Application/MyWebSearch

2.- Adware/Lop

3.- Adware/Gator

4.- Dialer.XD

5.- Spyware/Virtumonde

6.- Application/SystemDoctor2006


Application/SystemDoctor2006 goes up from the 11th to the 6th position. It is a fake error-repairing program that is usually installed by Adware/SystemDoctor. There are also many websites or advertisements that simulate an analysis of the machine so that users install the program. Then, they are requested to purchase, for a modest price, a program to remove them.


Adware/Navipromo goes up from the 21st to 19th position. It is an adware that promotes dialers and uses rootkit techniques in order to go unnoticed. It usually comes with other programs such as MailSkinner, WebMediaplayer  or InternetGameBox .


Trj/Torpig, which is a banker Trojan, keeps the 37th position as in the previous month. The families belonging to Trj/Torpig and Trj/Sinowal are very similar. We explained the techniques used by Trj/Sinowal in the eCrime Congress. You can take a look at the paper here.