IT Pro is one of the UK’s leading enterprise IT websites. It provides insight and advice for business and technology decision makers in the information and communication technology world, with news, analysis and product reviews. On February 6, the website published a review of Panda Adaptive Defense 360, awarding our advanced security solution five stars and, for the third time running, the “Editor’s Choice” badge.

A wealth of endpoint protection features

According to IT Pro, Panda Adaptive Defense 360takes cloud hosted security to the next level, combining a wealth of endpoint protection features with data control, encryption and patch management tools.”

The review believes that AD360 will appeal to “businesses with GDPR compliance on their minds,” given that the solution is able to “protect endpoints from malware, keep them updated with the latest patches and stop data containing PII from leaking, all with a single tool.”

It goes on to draw attention to AD360’s advanced protection module, and is impressed with the way that it “analyses and classifies every application being run on Windows endpoints and blocks those it doesn’t know about, checks the app’s security posture in the background and, if deemed to be safe, will instruct the endpoint client to allow it through.”

IT Pro mentions Panda Data Control, the module designed to help companies comply with regulatory requirements such as the GDPR, and focuses on this module’s ability to “detect PII content in a wide range of file formats,” as well as the fact that it “keeps track of all activity such as opening, editing and renaming them, sending and receiving them via email or copying them to removable media.”

The reviewer was impressed by how Panda Data Control is “fully integrated into the web portal and uses profiles to determine what it should search for”, and the fact that, when the personal data stored on an organization’s endpoints is indexed, “Panda came back with a heap of valuable information about files residing on our clients that contained PII.”

Another feature of Data Control that the review drew attention to was how the “portal separates (PII) into groups such as personal ID, passport, credit card and phone numbers, email addresses plus bank account details and clicking on a graph category takes you to a list of clients with details of the exact file locations.”

Another module that was highlighted was Panda Patch Management. The review talks about how the module “created a list of available updates separated into five criticality levels along with non-security related and service pack groups. Tasks are used to deploy patches and include client groups, a schedule, selected patch groups and third-party products from the software inventory that you also want patched.”

The review concludes by saying that “Panda’s Adaptive Defense 360 is a clever cloud security solution that delivers a wealth of endpoint protection features at a great price. It’s easy to deploy and manage, offers sophisticated data control features and whereas other security vendors stumble with patch management, Panda has perfected it.”

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