Panda Adaptive Defense

Panda Adaptive Defense Platform & Services.

Panda Adaptive Defense integrates advanced cybersecurity Solutions and Services in one single platform.

All solutions and services in one platform

Limitless visibility of everything happening on your endpoints


Panda Advanced Reporting Tool

From data to actionable IT and security Insights

This module aggregates all the data gathered, correlating and graphically presenting it in real time to offer granular visibility into any event that takes place on the network.

The Advanced Reporting Tool dashboards include key indicators, searches and preset alerts across three areas:

  • Security incidents.
  • Access to critical information.
  • Network resources and applications used.

Threat control

Determining the origin of security threats and applying security measures to prevent future attacks.

Manage access

Implementing more restrictive policies to access critical business information.

Monitor and detect

misuse of corporate resources that may have an impact on business and employee performance.

Correcting employee behavior

that is not in line with the usage policies defined.

SIEM Feeder

A new source of critical information into your SIEM

Integration with corporate SIEM systems, to add the details and context of everything that runs on your IT network

Panda Adaptive Defense seamlessly integrates with existing corporate SIEM solutions without additional deployments on users’ devices. Helping administrators filter the huge volumes of data handled by your SIEM system and focus on what really matters.

Panda Data Control

Real-time data security, visibility and control

This module is designed to assist organizations in complying with data protection regulations, as well as discovering and protecting personal and sensitive data both in real time and throughout its lifecycle on endpoints and servers.

Panda Data Control discovers, audits and monitors unstructured personal data on endpoints: from data at rest to data in use and data in motion.

Prevent uncontrolled access to your company’s sensitive data and it will help you to comply with the new GDPR data protection regulation.


Discover and audit

Identifies users, devices, or servers in your company with access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Monitor and detect

Alerts, in real time, on leaks, use, and suspicious unauthorized transit.

Simplify management

Its activation is immediate and managed directly from the same Cloud platform.

Control of Data

Demonstrate that the company has complete control over the PII located on its devices.