ios 8 privacy


No doubt if you have an Apple device, you’ll know that the new iOS 8 operating system is now available. What you might not know is that installing it will prevent Apple from accessing users’ devices without their consent.

This has been announced by the company, which says that “unlike their competitors” they will not access users’ systems without their permission. They claim that it is therefore not technically possible for them to comply with government orders to retrieve data from devices running iOS 8.

So how is privacy enhanced with iOS 8? To prevent itself from accessing these devices, Apple has modified its encryption system which is applied automatically when users select their password.

This way, Apple’s new operating system has taken a step forward in increasing privacy, as all the information stored on users’ iPads or iPhones (photos, emails, files, etc.) will be protected not only from Apple, but also from governments.

This is clearly how Apple has responded to accusations of collaboration with the National Security Agency (NSA) by handing over its customers personal data. Similarly, the company has also assured that it only provided the data of “less than 0.00385%” of Apple device users. ”

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