Does it sound like you read “install Whatsapp free on your computer”? Watch out! According to ADSLZone, the fame of this mobile instant messaging application is being used by scammers to get new affiliates for Premium SMS services.

 How Does this This Online Fraud Work?

1. It accesses a download page where we’re promised a free Whatsapp download for your PC

2. With the excuse of checking that we are human, the installation process asks us for our mobile number

3. The download application is, in fact, the emulator Bluestacks Android. It allows you to install Android Applications on your computer and also allows you to access downloads for free and without intermediaries

4. Once you give them your mobile phone number, you are charged with a subscription service which can cost you up to 37 Euros per month through Premium SMS


As you follow these pages, you are being convinced that you are downloading the application from a secure page by using Whatsapp’s official logo and including the “likes” of the app. They will go so far as to include ‘create a campaign of ads on Facebook’, so that the user believes that the content is being endorsed by the social network.


Recommendations to Avoid This Type of Fraud:

  1. Check the download URL to verify that you are on the official website
  2. Read the Conditions and Terms of Use when they ask for personal information
  3. Do your research online to check if this is a possible scam through opinions and comments from other users


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