Internet offers us many possibilities, some of them are tempting, like downloading all types of programs without having to pay for it.

I’m not going to comment whether this is good or bad, I only want to warn you of the risks you may run, as the websites that offer this type of “products” are not always trustworthy.

In fact, we’ve detected several websites that offer cracks which actually distribute malware belonging to the Zlob family, Trojans mainly designed to download samples of rogueware.

The malicious websites are the following, among others:

In the following image, you can see the appearance of some of them:


If you follow any of the links included in these pages, you’ll be actually downloading a Trojan of the Zlob family.

The malicious links have the following  format:
where XXXX are random numbers

These are the domains we’ve found until now where the malicious files are hosted:

In these cases, trying to avoid the payment of the license of the program can work out expensive, as it can imply theft of information or download of more malware.