We have often talked about the freedom with which certain cyber-crooks circulate around the Internet, but I must admit that even I am surprised sometimes…

The theft of credit card details and trading of this information is the order of the day. How is this information being used? We could make assumptions, carry out research or try to infiltrate some of these groups, but…why bother if they talk about it all so openly on their websites?

This is what appears on one of these websites:

As usual, everything is in perfect Russian. Basically, they are selling laptops, PDAs, cell phones, etc. for 20% of their real value. How is this possible? Well, if you visit their section “Answers to frequently asked questions-F.A.Q.”, the first question is: How can you offer such good prices? Pay attention to the answer:

It’s very simple. We buy these products in Western countries with stolen credit cards. You don’t run any risk when purchasing these products.”

It couldn’t be any clearer. They even have a section for partners, where you are given the code you must include on your website and you get 25% of the money that comes from your website.