This is a visual test to distinguish a real Twitter account from a spammer’s account.

It’s very easy. If the account has been recently created and already has many followings and few followers, the username is nonsense (for example a random combination of characters) and in the section “web” there is a URL of a service like Tinyurl, it is almost certainly a spammer. Besides, if the photo displayed belongs to a rather sexy/striking woman (by any reason, men’s photos are hardly used, could it be because women are less likely to fall into the trap?), you can be sure that it is a spammer.

Here you have two examples of a spammer’s Twitter account:


We have recently found several examples of spam in Twitter which were almost identical, even in the “Bio”. Additionally, the message was the same in both cases. This means that it is a traditional spamming technique applied to Twitter.

Thanks to Alberto Gomez Vaquero for the information.