In the last 24 hours, PandaLabs has detected the massive propagation among Facebook users of a fake virus alert. The truth is, this is just another attempt to infect users with fake antivirus programs.

The fake warning is distributed via email and users are forwarding it or publishing it on Facebook walls, thereby further spreading the hoax. The text of the fake warning reads as follows:

ALERT Has your facebook been running slow lately? Go to “Settings” and select “application settings”, change the dropdown box to “added to profile”. If you see one in there called “un named app” delete it… Its an internal spybot. Pass it on. about a minute ago….i checked and it was on mine.

There is no associated link, but if users search the Web for more information, they will encounter numerous malicious websites designed to download fake antiviruses.  Pic at:
The fake antivirus (or rogueware) in this case is cold LivePcCare. Here are a couple of screenshots and the links to Flickr: and
PandaLabs –the anti-malware laboratory of Panda Security– advises users not to contribute to the propagation of this fake virus warning, and, as always, to ensure their computers have the latest protection technologies. It also urges users to run frequent on-demand scans of their computers. More information: