PandaLabs has detected the Adware/XP-Shield which passes itself off as the Windows Security Center.

This malware, which is installed after running the XPShieldSetup.exe file, creates a shortcut in the Desktop and in Start menu.


This fake security center simulates an analysis of the computer which warns us that our system is infected. In order to eliminate the malware, we are requested to purchase a certain program.

Peridiocally, it displays popups on the screen reminding us again that the system is infected:


In spite of closing the program, it remains resident in the system:


It is possible that while we are visiting different websites, several popups are displayed informing us that our system is infected or that our computer is not working properly and in order to solve these problems they recommend us to purchase a certain program. Be careful with this type of software, which will not really solve the problem and will make you lose money.

Anyway, it is always advisable to consult a second opinion. You can use our free online analysis ActiveScan 2.0.

Thanks to Sergio for the information.