Facebook events have become one of the easiest and quickest ways of scamming people on social networks.

In the last few days many such events have been organized by malicious users. There are several aims that range from subscribing people to premium-rate SMS services to creating pages with thousands of followers for advertising purposes.


But how do these events work? The scam is similar to the one we reported a few months ago that claimed to offer a €500 gift voucher for Zara. They use the names of popular brands such as Zara, H&M, Apple or Primark to interest as many people as possible.


Facebook Events Scams

It works as follows:

  • You attend an event at the invitation of a friend or contact on Facebook.
  • You invite your contacts.
  • You post a comment on the event wall saying how much you like the brand or answer a question from the event organizers about the product.
  • In some cases, participation in the event is subject to entering personal details such as your phone number, which can end up with you being subscribed to a premium-rate SMS service.

The best thing to do with these types of events is to keep your guard up, and before taking part, check that it is really organized by the company in question.

In any case, you should never enter personal data on pages that you do not trust completely. That way you can prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.