Short battery life is a known issue for all smartphones

There is hardly anything more frustrating than wanting to use your cell phone and not having enough juice in it. Sometimes you can just plug it in the wall and charge it a little bit, but there are also times when you don’t have the luxury to do so. Short battery life is a known issue for all smartphones, we all remember the good old days when cellular phones such as the iconic Nokia 3310, were able to last for a whole week. Sadly, this is not the case in the modern and sophisticated world of the smartphone.

Nowadays, we are lucky if we get a smartphone battery that can last for a whole day.

And once smartphones become one-two years old, most of them are barely even able to make it until the afternoon. It’s hard to rely on something that cannot even keep its charge on. And such behaviors could not only be frustrating but dangerous too. If you don’t have a cable, you may not be able to use the GPS functions of your device and get safely back home, or if you are in the mountains, you may not be able to get in touch with the civilization in case of an emergency.
This is why we’ve decided to share a top 10 tips that can extend your cellphone’s battery life, so you have enough power when you need it most.

Top 10 tips that can extend your cellphone’s battery life

1. Don’t spend too much time on the phone

We know your cellphone is no longer a luxury but a necessity, however, if you want to extend your battery life you can decrease the duration of the calls you make. You no longer have to spend hours on the phone, instead use it to arrange a meeting and grab a drink with your buddy. Phone conversations are overrated when compared to actual physical meetings.

2. Turn OFF your Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and infrared

Having your Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and infrared turned ON have an adverse impact on your battery life, even though you may not be using the Bluetooth at the moment having it on still uses your battery life. Same goes for GPS, Wi-Fi and infrared, if you are not connected to the Wi-Fi or not using the maps, just turn them off as those processes are draining your battery.

3. Switch OFF the vibration

The vibration function has been killing phone batteries since the beginning of dawn. The older ones may remember that even the iconic cell phones of the past were not able to handle vibration well. Phones that would usually last for a week were barely making 5-6 hours when left on vibration mode. It may be a bold statement, but vibrating is one of the biggest enemies of your phone, switch it off if you don’t need it.

4. Don’t let it die

Most of the smartphones on the market have lithium-ion batteries. Those type of batteries should not be left to run out of juice entirely. Every time you do this, it impacts the performance of your cell phone battery. To avoid messing up the performance of your device, always plug in your phone to the power once it hits one bar.

5. Keep it cool but not too cool

We are sure you’ve noticed the little warning sign that appears when your phone overheats. The reason you see this is not only because the overall phone temperature is above average, but because your battery may get damaged from the overheating. Best ways to avoid overheating is just not to leave your phone in the car. If you are on the beach, all it takes not to damage your battery life is just to throw your smartphone in the bag, so it is not exposed to the sun. Unfortunately, there is no sunscreen for cell phones invented yet. Don’t leave your phone in the cold either. Cold temperatures also decrease the performance of your device.

6. Brightness, brightness, brightness

This is one of the factors that has an enormous impact on your mobile battery life. Try not to keep the brightness of your phone on maximum all the time. In these long summer days lowering down the brightness may not be possible, but when you are indoors, you can still easily operate the smartphone even if you are at the lowest brightness setting. Scientists also recommend you keep the brightness of your phone low before you go to bed. Save your battery life and kill insomnia by doing the right thing!

7. Stop background running apps

It does not mean that you have to close the apps after you use them, it means that you need to find out the ones that are running in the background and stop them from doing so. Each phone has a different way of terminating background processes, just look for it in the settings or simply download Panda Mobile Security. The app will not only maximize your battery life and keep your phone protected but will also let you have full control over your app usage, which includes you being able to quickly stop the processes you don’t want to run in the background. Panda Mobile Security maximizes the performance and battery life of your smartphones by analyzing in real time the activity of the apps installed on your device.

8. Get rid of the animated background videos and pictures

It surely may be tempting to have a live-looking fish as a screen saver on your phone or to add a video of your loved ones waving at you from your phone, but eliminating such moving pictures from your device will extend the battery of your cellphone. Those animations use your phone’s processing power, and those processes have a direct impact on your phone’s battery.

9. Be aware

Keep an eye of your phone and act accordingly if you see that the battery is not going to last until you get home. If you want to preserve the battery of your cell, do not use the camera and if you have to, avoid using the flash. Using your phone’s camera and flash have an enormously negative impact on your battery. Also, remove unwanted stuff such as apps and unnecessary features from your phone, you will not only make some room, but you will also increase your battery life. And if you don’t know how to do it, you can always improve your phone’s performance and maximize battery life by using Panda Mobile Security. It improves the speed, performance and memory usage of your device.

10. Turn it OFF

Why would you even keep your phone on when you leave it in the locker at the gym or while you are asleep? Most of the times the silent mode is on anyway so even if someone tries to call you, you will not hear it. When you are in the cinema, do not only silence your phone, but also switch it off. Your battery will thank you later!