If you have an eBay account, this will interest you! eBay site is asking users to change their passwords after a cyber-attack compromised its system.

The company said a database had been hacked between late February and early March, and had contained encrypted passwords and other non-financial data. It had no evidence of there being unauthorised activity on its members’ accounts.

However, it said that changing the passwords was “best practice and will help enhance security for eBay users“.

Stay tunned and change your passwords!


*** Update

In view of the seriousness of the situation, eBay has posted an official statement on its website, urging users to change their password. Customers who use the same password on other sites are encouraged to change those passwords too.

ebay passwords


Devin Wenig, President of Global Marketplaces at eBay, has stated that in the coming days and weeks the company may be introducing new security features.


Phishing campaign

In addition, our colleagues at PandaLabs are warning of an online scam that uses phishing emails exploiting this data breach. The malicious messages, purporting to come from eBay, report the security issue and include a (malicious) link for users to change their password.

However, if the user accesses the page and enters their credentials they will be sending them not to eBay but directly to the cyber-criminals. Remember not to click any links sent by email to change your eBay account passwords, or those for any other account, as this is a common ruse used by cyber-crooks.