Scams using the name of Neil Trotter continue to be reported by users. Whereas a few weeks ago we reported that cyber-criminals were using a story from the BBC website to make the scam seem more realistic, now they have turned to The Huffington Post to continue the fraud.


neil trotter

Several readers have sent us various emails they have received from the address asking them for personal information such as their full name, phone number, age, occupation, etc. in exchange for £450,000. However, there are more models of emails in which Neil Trotter supposedly contacts you in order to give you great chunks of his fortune.

In this case, the cyber-criminals are using the fame surrounding this person, the recent winner of £108 million, to get victims to hand over personal details. They also try to give the scam more credibility by referring to well-known media sources.

As ever, common sense is the best means of knowing that no one is going to contact you to give you something for nothing, and also that you should never forward your personal data to someone you don’t know.


*Thanks to everyone who has sent in emails related to this scam. 😉