It isn’t a new malicious piece of code, but the content of an email in Portuguese I received in my inbox has sparked my curiosity. The aim of this email was to install a banking Trojan on my computer.

Here you can see the original email and its translation.



I apologize for my frankness. I’m sorry for not being able to speak to you in person, but I can only talk to you via email and I feel obliged to notify you to open your eyes, you are being betrayed.

I know it is difficult to prove, but every picture tells a story, I’ll send you these pictures so that you can see it with your own eyes. Take care…a big hug

From a good friend who is very fond of you

View photos here 

Obviously the link doesn’t take us to the pictures regarding the infidelity of our girlfriend, but it gives the go-ahead to the downloading of Trj/Nabload.DKR from a German server. This Trojan in turn downloads Trj/Banker.LOF, which is designed to steal information related to the login credentials to access different banking entities from U.S., Brazil, Italy, Spain, and other countries…



In any case, this makes me wonder why we are so reluctant to trust our girlfriend, and we don’t follow the same pattern when we receive an email from an unknown sender.