Vicen, our spyware researcher has finished compiling the December's Top Spyware list. There are no changes from last month's list, at least on the top five. So here it is:
1                    Adware/Gator
2                    Application/Winantivirus2006
3                    Adware/Ncase
4                    Adware/Wupd
5                    Application/MyWebSearch

The question is, Where do all this spyware com from? Partly it comes from installations through Web-Attacker, which uses a list of exploits to install above spyware, among other things. So here you have a summary of Microsoft's bulletins and some more information on the related exploits..
MS03-011: Exploit/ByteVerify
MS04-013: Exploit/Mhtredir.gen
MS06-001: Exploit/Metafile and Exploit/WMF
MS04-013: Exploit/Codebase.X (Similar ones Codebase and Codebase.gen)
MS06-055: Exploit/VML.A