Cyber Resolutions you already broken

Cyber resolutions you’ve already broken

Resolution. I will not reuse passwords

Having different passwords for every website you use increases your safety. A password is only as dependable as the least secure site that has it. You might be attached to  ‘loverboy82’, but time to think of something more original.
Resolution. I will not use passwords a human could guess

It’s the age of social media, and we share a lot more than we think. If your password is a loved one’s name (even with threes instead of ‘e’s), the only thing stopping a hacker is a quick search on your Facebook page – or that of your partner, grandchildren, bowling partner…
Resolution. I will not use passwords a computer could guess

Computers understand word structure and are capable of guessing around one thousand variations a second, so using four random words without spaces, e.g. ‘houseboatchickencannon’, is far more effective, and memorable, than using a one-word password. Thinkofsomethingnowquick.

Resolution. I will not use passwords a monkey could guess

We’re calling time on ‘password’, ‘12345’ and ‘let me in’. The only difference between these passwords and none at all is that these come with the satisfaction of making a hacker waste two minutes of his time.
Resolution. I will not put off updating my anti-virus protection

Think of antivirus as your weapon against online fraud, viruses and worse. “Yeah!” shouts your digital anti-virus warrior. “I’m ready to protect your online safety, as soon as you give me a sword! Um… hello? Anyone?”
Resolution. I will install anti-virus protection on every device that needs it

Sure you already protected the main computer, but is that the only device in the house that you use to go online? Mobile devices and laptops have just as much access to your private information, and they need just as much protection.

Resolution. I will install a parental control on my anti-virus software

Sometimes it seems like kids know more than adults about getting around online, but they certainly don’t know more about staying safe. Parental control gives you the power to keep them that way, monitoring and controlling what they’re exposed to online.

Make your resolutions stay safe.

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