The fleet of computers in your business may be protected but that does not mean that your corporate information is safe. Beyond tablets, there are a number of devices such as mobile phones and smart watches that have joined the list of gadgets that every enterprise must control and protect to prevent IT risks. Every office contains a number of vulnerable devices that can pose a danger to confidential data.

Although we do not usually pay attention to webcams, they pose a danger to corporate privacy and security—even the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, shared a photo on the social media site where we can see that the laptop’s camera is covered for security purposes.

Covering webcams at your office when they aren’t being used could help keep your corporate information private.  An example of this occurred two years ago when it was discovered that a Russian website issued a direct signal to more than 70,000 private webcams that were hacked.

Printers, routers and USB

However, there is more work to be done than just covering webcams. Every office has routers that are not generally given the proper attention. Without the proper security measures (like simply changing the standard password that comes with your computer), a router can easily be taken advantage of by cybercriminals. They can easily take over your bandwidth and build a network of malicious bots, or worse, link it with a DDoS attack on another website.

There’s more. Corporate printers can be one of the biggest cybersecurity problems in your corporate environment. Every document that is sent out to print has to travel through a network that can be attacked. It is worrisome to think what could happen to this private information on the way to the printer. As you can see, the security of these devices are just as important as any other computer in the office.

Any device with USB storage in the office could put the entire corporate structure at risk. Malware on pen drives can be transmitted using USB ports on computers or can be used as a storage device to steal information.

As you can see, beyond covering webcams and changing router passwords, it is important to have reliable anti-malware  protection for your business, devices and networks in your workplace.