The Police Virus continues spreading. This type of virus, a trojan specifically, usually exploits system or software vulnerabilities. Therefore, we would like to remind all our readers basic security measures to prevent future attacks, as published in the blog post How to disinfect the Police Virus.Police Virus

  • Avoid browsing unsafe pages
    How? By using virtual browsers as Panda Safe Browser. This type of browsing creates what is called a virtual environment completely isolated from the system and the other applications on your PC, letting you browse the Internet securely. It is as if your Internet session took place outside your computer. This way, your system will be safe from possible Internet threats.


  • Enable automatic updates for your operating system, in the case of Windows, Windows update. If not active, you can use the Vulnerability detection analysis featured in any of the 2013 Panda products.

Panda 2013 Detection of vulnerabilities

  • Upgrade your programs as soon as possible
    Do not rely the security of your computer security programs only. Note that many of these viruses mutate easily and very quickly. Therefore, it is very important to close the gates, which are the security holes they exploit.


  • Remove, if not required, applications such as Java applets, Flash animations. Otherwise, keep them updated at all times.


  • We are sure you already know, but we don’t get tired of repeating it: Never open mails from unknown senders as they may contain virus.


Now, if you haven’t taken into account these security measures and you have already been infected, we recommend cleaning your computer with the free Panda RescueDisk tool.

And remember, if you have any problems with the disinfection, please Contact TechSupport. We know how to help you.