In order to help consumers get a better idea about the state of the market in cybersecurity, and in turn make the right decision when it comes to shielding their digital life, the independent laboratory AV-Comparatives regularly publishes the results of its “Real-World” Protection Test. Their latest edition, called the Whole Product Dynamic “Real-World” Protection Test, is especially relevant for having compiled results over a five-month span. In this edition, Panda Security received the maximum possible score, outperforming every one of the 20 other vendors that underwent testing.

In the words of AV-Comparatives: “In this test, all protection features of the product can be used to prevent infection” “This means that the test achieves the most realistic way of determining how well the security product protects the PC”. In fact, the methodology they used for this test has itself received numerous awards and recognitions.

Thanks to the innovative technologies that were developed in response to malwares rapid evolution over the last few years, Panda Security offers the most efficient defense against threats such as ransomware and has positioned itself as the strongest ally in prevention, protection, and response in the face of today’s attack trends.

The Test, in Detail

The Real-World Test is recognized by the industry for being the most complete and rigorous of the tests performed by AV-Comparatives, since it provides the most accurate reflection of the protection offered by antivirus solutions available on the market.

Each cybersecurity solution was subjected to a total of 1769 real-time tests between July and November, consisting, for example, in exposure to malicious URLs with drive-by exploits (malware attacks that take effect just by visiting the page) and URLs that linked directly to the malware.

The analysis focused on each software’s ability to “protect systems against infection by malicious files before, during, or after execution”, the authors explain. Observing the security systems in each of these stages gives a more holistic approach to the test, allowing assessors and users to better calibrate the overall effectiveness of security solutions.

In the malware protection test, Panda successfully blocked 100% of samples in the test bench, leading in efficiency and detection ratios, followed by Bitdefender, F-Secure, Tencent, and Trend Micro with 99.9%.

These good results, which have been consistently repeated in recent months, speak to the high protection ratios offered by Panda’s solutions.

Luis Corrons, Technical Director of PandaLabs, had this to say: “We are truly proud of the results that we earned. They are the fruit of years of labor, and seeing how we were able to outperform each and every one of our competitors is a huge reward that is dwarfed only by the greatest reward of all: protecting our clients as no one else is able to do.”