December 1st, it's review time. This month, adware still holds the first position followed closely by PUPs. We are getting little spyware this time. There are not many changes on the top ten list, so let's make a quick summary.

"Gator" as usual holds the first position, and although there have been some changes, there are still installations widespread.

"Winantivirus" is on the second position, being pushed by the pop-ups that appear from other webs or by the support given from other adware programs as "Virtumonde", "Look2me", etc.

"nCase" still holds the third place, this is the older version from the well known "Zango", which used to be distributed in an unpolite way. Just after, we find "Wupd" which helps to install "Zango". 180 Solutions appears on the ninth place.

Fifth place, "MyWebSearch", which should be grateful to pop-ups and to different programs which is being bundled with.

Sixth place, "Adware/VirusBurst", this is an adware which leads us to an antispyware tool "Application/VirusBurst". It is one of those rogue antispyware applications. So be careful, by installing it you only get adware, real functionality is limited.

"SystemDoctor", on the twelfth place, appears to repair some registry errors. As the previous one, functionality is also limited, and both of them usually get installed through fake codecs.

Fake codecs are on the rise, "EmediaCodec", "SilverCodec", "GoldCodec", they all have something in common. They try to deceive users into believing that they are getting a media codec. Some of them also claim that the video experience will be increased. The only thing that will be increased is the amount of adware you are going to get.

"Adware/MegaTds" is a nasty one, it uses rootkit techniques to remain undetected. In case you get infected, be prepared to visit sites you didn't want to, as this is a redirector, which will play with the links you follow.

If you feel like taking a peek at some adult content, you can install "PornMagPass", in exchange for a pile of adware, you get free access to that content… Of course we are just kidding.

We would like to thank Vicen, our spyware researcher, for all this information.