In the last 3 days, we have seen a lot of activity in this Trojan, detected as Trj/Nabload.CXU, which downloads another 2 Trojans: Trj/Banker.KKQ and Trj/Banker.KKU.

At certain hours of the day, it has represented up to 21% of all messages received in PandaLabs. These messages have been sent massively in Portuguese with the subject: A Pessoa com o Maior Rabo do Mundo and the following text:


Here it is a graph representing the evolution of this malware in the last days:


In order to go unnoticed, this malware shows a YouTube video related to the subject of the email. However, it connects to various Urls transparently, which contain the necessary information for downloading the 2 Banker Trojans mentioned previously:


Be careful these days with the messages received in your Inbox.