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5 Mac Myths – Infographic

– Myth 1: MACs are user friendly

May be true if you’re a 10 year old who’s been playing on your parent’s iDevices since you were 5. For the rest of us, the jump from PC to Mac was never smooth. However, many argue it was worth it…

– Myth 2: MACs are good for gaming

You might have ‘upgraded’ to a MAC but your gaming experience just got ‘downgraded’. Or did it? Many say the market is catching up.

– Myth 3: MACs are more expensive

At face value, yes. But consider the total cost of ownership and the quality of the computing experience on the whole and you start to see value for money.

– Myth 4: MACs don’t get malware

Completely false. A very common misconception is that they are immune to malware.

– Myth 5: MAC’s always win the design war

This is no longer the case. The richer the market becomes with choice and with competition catching on to the idea that outward design is just as important as usability.