3 Years of Instagram, The Social Network of “Pretending”

You go on a vacation and when you arrive at your destination, one of the first things you do is take a picture. You then proceed to put on a pretty filter, and then post it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc…followed by checking to see if your GPS is disabled. Does this ritual sound familiar?

This week the social network that made ​​us all great photographers and able to take a spectacular photo of just a glass of water on a gray table, turns 3 years old. Suddenly our timelines were full of photos of feet on the beach, cafes in the rain, reflections in mirrors and dreamlike landscapes causing feelings of envy and admiration.

In its short life, Instagram has not been spared from starring in some controversy. The purchase by Facebook last year, and the announcement of the change in its privacy policy, which told us that all content uploaded to the network could be sold to third parties, caused a great exodus of users, to the point that the social network was forced to backtrack.

Not until Instagram arrived in our day to day, photo retouching “on the fly” was ruled out. Now, playing with the blur, sepia or color saturation is part of our daily agenda, so much so that other networks such as Google and Twitter have included filters in their official applications.

The announcement of the inclusion of advertising in the timeline ensures the future of Instagram, and converts it into an economical sustainable network. This announcement has been in the works for a long time, and makes it clear that a filter does not go out of style.

3 Years of Instagram, The Social Network of “Pretending”

However, this network’s privacy is also important. We tend to share very private, day to day and around us photographs, and sometimes forget that prying eyes can be watching. For this reason, we recommend you take a look at the privacy settings of Instagram, in which you can limit your profile to be public, or private, where only you can allow permission.

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