Think your PC might be infected with a virus? Would you like to know why you got infected?

Tools & Tips to keep viruses in check.


Disinfect your PC

    If you cannot access your PC

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    Panda Cloud Cleaner – USB scan

    Rescue USB to disinfect PCs
    that cannot boot up


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    Panda Cloud Cleaner - Rescue ISO

    ISO to boot and clean an infected PC (for Advanced users)


    If you can access your PC

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    Panda Cloud Cleaner

    Free disinfection tool


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    Panda Cloud Cleaner - Portable

    Portable version with no installer
    for advanced users


Why you got infected

4 essential tips to prevent virus infections


Keep Java, Adobe Flash and Acrobat Reader updated at all times, or uninstall them if you do not use them!

Why? Nowadays viruses and malware bypass antivirus programs and infect PCs through outdated programs you have installed on your PC.

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Always be cautious with the programs you install or run.

Why? Virus authors make money infecting PCs and they can disguise behind programs or applications you think are not dangerous to open or to run. BEWARE!

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Always Keep your Windows OS Updated.

Why? Malware and viruses exploit security vulnerabilities present in outdated Windows OS. Having the latest security patches and Service Packs installed prevent viruses from doing so.

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Use an effective antivirus and keep it updated at all times.

Why? Because you need to protect yourself and your family from known and unknown viruses and other threats that can disrupt your everyday life.

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Installation and uninstallation instructionsInstallation and uninstallation instructions

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